About us

Tori and Dave have a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.


Dave spent years as a session musician and producer in studios, then went on to lead a band touring the Middle East, Europe and Asia as well as working for several cruise lines.


Tori started out her career as a singer and host in holiday parks around the UK and Europe, then as a dancer/singer on cruise ships.

In 2013 their paths crossed when Tori joined Daves band as lead vocalist.

They are now engaged and still continue working together as a piano/vocal duo, as well as running 'UK Performers'.

As they are still on stage most nights themselves, they still understand what it means to work in the entertainment industry. They know the pitfalls - who are good to work for and who to avoid. They have enjoyed the good, the bad and the ugly side of the business. With all of this knowledge and experience, they run an honest and open agency, never tying people into 'exclusive contracts' or charging excessive amounts of commission. They just hope to be the link between you and your dream job!