The Gatsby Experience

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It was the 1920's New York and Gatsby's parties were legendary. 'The Gatsby Experience' is an unforgettable evenings entertainment of glitz and glamour, inspired by the great American novel of 1925. Let us transport you back to the 1920's, an era of grievous girls, lavish parties and glittering opulence. Join in the jazz age and indulge in a night where the gin is cool and the piano is hot - after all 'a little party never killed nobody!'.

Wearing bespoke, handmade 1920s costumes, our Gatsby girls will perform a variety of exiting numbers from Charleston to electro swing and of course, 'A little party never killed nobody' - the famous track from the Great Gatsby movie. This 1920s stile show is sexy, fun and really brings the party atmosphere!