Lounge Pianist


Lee has been a pianist since the age of 5. You might think that seems a little young to call himself a pianist, but he has a gift and passion for music. He realised his gift and pursued it into his teenage years by playing pubs and clubs and continues to perform the piano through into adult life. Playing the piano has taken him around the world, performing on cruise ships and many of the famous venues and hotels in London, including Harrods & The Globe. He has also played for A-list celebrities and big corporations. 

He can play almost anything from ear which makes his repertoire huge - but just in case he is ever missing something from it, you can request that he learns it for your event. Anything from Classical music to Boogie Woogie. He knows lots of seasonal songs too.

He has a brilliant Baby Grand Piano Shell, in which he can put his Yamaha CP300 electric stage piano to get the authentic Baby Grand aesthetic! If there's a tuned piano at your event venue - he is happy to play that instead. His electric piano plugs into a 300watt PA, if you want to amplify the sound for those bigger events.

Lee is a lively, friendly musician who is always happy to help and always wears a giant smile (except for serious photographs!)