Dancer & Aerial / Fire Act


Shelley is a professional dancer and circus performer based in Surrey, UK. She has a varied skill set including aerial silks and hoop, stilt walking, angle grinding and fire performance and is fully insured. Her fire skills include fire breathing, transfers, eating, poi, fans, staff, double sword, palms, snakes, hula hoop and body burning.

Shelley has performed in a multitude of venues and countries and loves to travel. Her credits include performing in cruise ships, circus, corporate events, exclusive resorts, international tours, uk tours, theatre, hotels abroad, stadiums, nightclubs, theme parks, film and television.

Shelley also has a wide variety of bespoke costumes, carefully made to complement each of her available themes, and ensuring maximum sparkle!

Shows available

- Aerial Silks
- Aerial Hoop
- Ambient aerial hangabout- Fire Show
- Fire Ballerina Act
- Angle Grind Show
- Stilt Walking
- LED Shows


Aerial shows
Multiple choreographed and themed acts - normally of around 5 - 6mins or can perform and ambient hang about set of 15 mins, or mix and match ambient and choreographed sets.

Fire Show
Choreographed acts with multiple props 8- 10 minutes. To include fire breathing will increase the price. Can also perform ambient fire for 15 - 20 mins. Again can mix and match sets. Also have a fire ballerina act performing a version of my fire show dancing en pointe.

Stilt walking
Walkabout sets of 30 - 40 minutes normally a maximum of 3 sets but this can be discussed as required.


LED Show
Works best as an ambient set or onstage to complement another act or DJ. LED bra costume, LED isis wings, Pois and staff. Great in a club environment. Can do multiple sets of 15 minutes as required.


Themes available;

- The Greatest Showman- White Elegant Acts
- Moulin Rouge Theme
- Arabian Theme

- Rock
- Christmas Theme

- Power of Love

- Fifty shades of Grey