Pop & Jazz Duo


Sparkle are a young, exciting piano/guitar duo from Manchester, UK.

Sparkle have been entertaining on cruise ships since 2015, and are also a couple!


On vocals/acoustic guitar - Phoebe Richards

On piano/keyboard/vocals - Charles Baker


They play both acoustically and with professional backing tracks that never fail to get audiences up on the dancefloor. Above all, Charles and Phoebe fully engage and interact with their listeners, are happy to take requests all night and are committed to delivering a very memorable entertainment experience, giving their guests something special to remember.


The pair actually met on a ship where Phoebe had a job singing and dancing in the production shows, while Charles was leader of the live show band, performing on keyboards. After their first public performance was a great success, they've been performing together on the ocean waves ever since!


Their extensive repertoire comprises 400+ songs from 1940s all the way to today's Top 40 hits! They can perform genres including pop, to jazz to even country and are always learning new material to keep their show fresh and exciting.


Charles and Phoebe are extremely excited to continue 'sparkling' at sea to appreciative audiences worldwide and fulfilling their passion of travelling around the world while doing what they love!