Guitar / Piano and Vocal Duo

Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues Duo was born in 2013 on board of the ship Grand Mistral of Ibero Cruises.

The female voice and percussion of Sugar Blues Duo, Camila was working on board on the entertainment team as an animator interacting with international crowds: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French guests visiting the ship every week; 1.600 pax per week. She spent two years in this exciting job.

On board the Grand Mistral, Álvaro, the keyboards and male voice of Sugar Blues, was the production singer, singing in the main theatre of the ship; his gospel voice and talent for the music was the perfect match for the international guests. Álvaro comes from a family of musicians; he sings, play keyboards, ukulele and guitar. He’s always learning about new musical challenges.

Grand Mistral was where Sugar Blues Duo born, from the love for music, singing, love for the stage and music quality that Camila and Álvaro share.

Since then they have completed contracts around the world both on ships and on land. They are a young, talented, couple who captivate audiences with every performance they do.